I'm Amelia Zheng

Strategic Planner | Deal Closer | Overall Badass

I am Amelia Zheng! Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Chaser of Dreams

An ex-lawyer, technology saleswoman and multilingual with two international law degrees, I generate revenue, close deals, negotiate contracts worldwide and support Merger & Acquisition transactions.

As a top salesperson in a leading blockchain company, I am part of the 100% Quota Club since Day One, and always go above and beyond to overcome the challenges. I am also heavily involved in the Canada blockchain education scene, regularly speak at conferences and workshops. I believe as early adopters of cutting edge technologies, it is our primary duties to educate the community and help building the future.

In January 2015, I created the Toronto MasterMind Program for the North American Assosiation of Asian Professionals (NAAAPTO). Launching this leadership program helped participants nurture business relationships and achieve personal and professional growth.

When I'm not busy making the world a better place, I'm out challenging myself. Marathon-runner, tough-mudder, Big Sister, globetrotter, problem-solver and adventuring seeker. People sometimes refer to me as "the boldest person they know".

I credit all my optimism to the pursuit of my dreams reinforcing that “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small”.


Here are a few things I'm good at

Communication, presentation and negotiation skills
Lead Generation
Customer/Market Validation
Legal Contracts & Risk Management
Client Retention & Upselling
Account Management
224 Deals Closed
10y Professional Experience
$202M Value of Closed Deals
4 Languages Spoken